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Create your own websites

We are now pleased to announce the TUwebsiteHosting service.

TUwebsiteHosting is understood to be both

  • as a supplementary offer for the provision of websites in the central TYPO3 system of the TU Vienna - i.e. as an essential contribution to the website relaunch project
  • as well as a renewal of the service "Webspace for Institutes (Infoserver)".

You can create your websites via different profiles:

  • In the "TU Wien" profile, i.e. the "carefree variant" so to speak, you can refer to the TU Vienna's data protection information, imprint and accessibility declaration. A WordPress manual is available for you at
  • In the "Webspace" profile you have more freedom: You can choose your own CMS and design. Please note the specifications from the Corporate Design at In this profile, however, you are also responsible for complying with the DSGVO and the Web Accessibility Act yourself and must provide your own data protection information, imprint and accessibility declaration.

This service was created in the course of the TU-wide relaunch of websites in close cooperation with the PR and Marketing Department. Currently, you are invited to use the service as a "Friendly Customer". After a short introductory phase, it will be generally available.

With this service, we are making two website design services available to you with immediate effect:

  1. TUwebsiteBasecreation (TU-TYPO3 instance environment prepared for you individually - and thus the shortest way to your own website)
  2. TUwebsiteHosting (website in TU layout or free, with or without WordPress)