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The campus software has moved to the new

After one week of migration, the campus software is now manageable in a new modern environment

We are pleased to inform you that the campus software is the first service to be moved to the new ordering platform, opens an external URL in a new window. This move is also accompanied by some structural changes that may require some intervention on your part.

The most important changes are:

  • All organizational units are processed separately. The previously known internal links of group - division - institute have been eliminated. Therefore the existing internal orders were taken over automatically in part by superordinate organizational units. The persons authorized to release and responsible for licenses have not been changed. Therefore, we ask all organizational heads to check the responsible persons in the store under 'My Org. Units'. At least one commercial responisible person is necessary to be able to place orders. If approvals are to be carried out by persons from higher-level organizational units, these can now be entered independently by the head of the organization.
  • The role of the person responsible for the license has been upgraded. Members of the role can now additionally order and cancel software on behalf of all represented persons. This role is also necessary to view the new license overviews. Please note that the head of the organization must also grant himself/herself these rights if required.
  • From now on, we ask you to have the licenses attached to the persons who use them. The management can be done centrally by the person responsible for the license. Furthermore, licenses not assigned to persons can be ordered on the 'Org. user'. Please note that this is not possible for products with KMS activation until the Microsoft activation is renewed.

You can find more information about the new structures as well as a manual of the new store on our web pages.