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IT security is an important subject, not just for servers, but also for workstations. acts as a point of contact for IT security issues with regard to firewalls, network security for servers, application security for workstations and various threat scenarios, such as spam, phishing and malware (viruses). As prevention is the best contribution you can make to security, we help you to introduce preventive measures against hacker attacks, virus infections, phishing, etc. We publish our experience and the use of suitable tools on our websites.

We provide support and assistance with occurrences that affect IT security, by way of prevention as well as by dealing with actual events. We also develop and consider concepts aimed at improving security aspects.

As well as advice and support on the subject of IT security with regard to TU Wien, we also deal with incidents ranging from resource misuse to attacks on infrastructure - together with relevant countermeasures and coordination of all stakeholders.

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