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New Microsoft activation script (deprovisioning of the SWD password)

This change is only of interest to people who activate Windows and/or Office themselves every max. 180 days. All computers maintained by are not affected.

As announced in the News of April 12, opens an external URL in a new window, the SWD password is now only used for the activation of Windows and Office products. We have now also ended this last use of the SWD password by distributing a new activation script. With the help of the new activation script, you can use the TU password to perform the activation.

This is how you get to the new activation script:

If you are already using TUtoolbox, start TUtoolbox and choose TU Microsoft Activation (is already preselected). After closing the TUtoolbox the new script is available.

If you are not yet using the TUtoolbox, you can download and install it at, opens an external URL in a new window ("Download" button). The TU Microsoft activation script is already preselected.

If you do not use the TUtoolbox and only want to replace the old scripts (not recommended), you will see a note about the update at the bottom left after starting the activation script. Click on it to install the new version. If your version does not offer an update, the TUtoolbox must be used.

The time frame:

Both activation variants can be used in parallel until October 31, 2021. After that, the old SWD password will be discontinued and only the new SSO-based activation script ("TU password") can be used.

Note for administrators:

The script variant with automatic 'admin key' is not affected by this change. This variant will be replaced in the next step, which will be completely separate from passwords.