Software Liste

Explanation of symbols

lizenzserver symbol
The product uses a licence server maintained by This requires a connection to the TUNET.
concurrent symbol
Concurrent use - The number of available concurrent licences is limited.
asis symbol
There are restrictions on support and/or downloading. ("as-is")
selfUpdate symbol
Updates need to be downloaded by yourself.
cloud symbol
This product uses a cloud service for administration, certain data (see product description) is transmitted to third parties.
free symbol
Software for free use without any support.
inactive symbol
The product does not receive new versions or updates.
nosale symbol
The product cannot be ordered at the moment.
manual symbol
Manual provision - There may be different processing times.
neu symbol
New version available.
alt symbol
No new version has appeared for a long time.
cloudData symbol
This product contains cloud storage. It is strongly recommended that you back up your data regularly.
workAtHome symbol
This product may also be used on private computers for work@home.
facultyBilling symbol
Charging on at faculty level.
external symbol
The product can be ordered from an external shop at your own risk and expense.