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Student Account

How do I get my account?

Please activate your account via this web mask by entering your name, student id and a PIN code. You can find the PIN code on the payment form for the tuition fees. The PIN code will be invalid after the activation of the account. Payment must be received within four weeks or the account will lose its validity.

Choose your TU password

Choose your password (TU password). It will enable you to use the PCs in the public computer rooms, to login at the student servers, to register for TISS and for communication services (WLAN, VPN, eduroam).

The password should have 6 to 12 characters and should contain letters as well as numbers. For compatibility with communication services don't use other special characters.

Activate your account

If you need help please contact the tutors in FH1 or the Service Center.

On registering for our services, you agree to abide by the "operational and usage rules of the ZID TU Wien", the "Security Policy of the TU Vienna", the "TUNET Acceptable Use Policy" and the "ACOnet Acceptable Use Policy"