Printing service of the Graphic Centre

On the LIZ computers in the Internet rooms, it is possible to use the printing service of the Graphic Centre directly (without detour via a USB stick).

When you select the GZPrinter virtual printer, the print job is converted to a PDF file and sent via email to the Graphic Center's Mobile Print Service. After approx. one minute you will receive a PIN code by email, which you can use to pick up, view and print your print job at the Xerox multifunction printers of the Graphic Center under SP Utilities / Mobile Print.

On the printer itself, you can select the color mode later or specify whether you want to print double-sided or single pages. If the document to be printed is very large or if you want a particularly high-quality printout, it is better to save your file on a USB stick and print directly on the printer or on a device in the GZ. Please do not forget to log off from the printer afterwards.

This virtual printer can also be addressed under Windows (e.g. from your notebook) under \\\GZPrinter. It is best to use a generic PostScript driver during setup.

In any case, please note that the email with the PIN code is sent to your generic student email address by default. If you create a file with the name .print2mail in your LIZ Homedirectory, you can store an alternative eMail address in it.

You can get your Print & Copy Card directly at the Graphic Centre, where you can also obtain further information , opens an external URL in a new window(locations, prices, etc.) about this printing system.


We would like to point out that this is a service of the Graphic Centre and IT Solutions only offers convenient access to it. is therefore not responsible for the operation of the printers, the Mobile Print Service or the sale of Print & Copy & Cards. If you have any questions or problems in this regard, please contact the Graphic Centre only and NOT the Service Centre.

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