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Service provision

The services are provided by specialists from IT Solutions and/or specialized external partner companies. reserves the right to refuse support for non-maintainable computers for obvious reasons. This can be the result of a configuration recording, which must be carried out on PCs in case of doubt. This is not necessary for systems purchased on the basis of a (free) purchase consultation by

Adverse factors

If components are used or used despite appropriate recommendations, which can have known negative effects on the stability or security of the entire system, this can have effects on the service success by (e.g. overheated CPUs, discs with intermittent errors, defective cables, active contents,...).

The following services are not included

  •     Support for beta versions.
  •     Application support for applications other than MS Office for Windows platforms.
  •     Computer Operations Service: Operating, regular system performance monitoring, storage capacity and event logs...
  •     Backup service: Backup (local or remote), restoration of user data.
  •     The institute itself is responsible for the regular backup of user data and application programs. is therefore not liable for any damage resulting from loss of data.
  •     User administration: Setting up and maintaining accounts, mail accounts, access rights, unless the local contact person is technically unable to do so.
  •     On-site support of computers that are not located at the TU Wien.

Hardware support and repairs is not equipped to support or repair any hardware from any manufacturer. The external support companies also offer hardware upgrades, repairs and maintenance independent of the services. These services are carried out directly with the external company.

Service Center

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The Service Center can be reached from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Compliance with the currently applicable COVID-19 security regulations is assumed.

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