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No. Individual installation of the basic software for Windows, network software, browser, mail client and anti-virus software will only be carried out within the scope of TUclientSupport for one computer. The quarterly fee for PCs is very inexpensive, and you also have the complete maintenance for the current and next quarter with you. After that you can cancel the TUclientSupport agreement again, but you should keep in mind that the higher entry fee will be due for a later new entry.

All software distribution and installation (SWD), update (MSUS), licensing (KMS) and documentation services offered by the individual servers are of course open to all Campus Software licensees. Everything that is freely accessible on the WWW will also remain freely available on our servers, e.g. documentation for individual platforms.

The support of MS Office is also included in the scope of our services. The internal and external support staff have the technical know-how to cover this area.

During the basic installation or configuration, a backup concept can also be created and set up for the first time. The current backup activities (e.g. tape change, recovery work,...) must however be carried out by the local system administrator.

e.g. network registration, maintenance of address book entries, ordering software, HW extensions and repairs. (The diagnosis of hardware faults is part of the maintenance, and in the case of planned hardware extensions we will be happy to advise you free of charge to ensure a configuration that is easier for us to maintain).

Yes, system maintenance is intended to assist the system administrator, not replace it. Application software of any kind does not fall within the scope of system maintenance. Except if there are impairments of the operating system (e.g. overwriting of system DLLs by grossly negligent programmed applications, such as MS itself).

Yes, of course. This is necessary, for example, to manage users and install other application software. Both areas are not offered by TU.it.

Since it is often not easy to reduce the cause of a malfunction to one of the four categories, we see it as our task to consider the entire system. Even if a hardware failure or a network problem turns out to be, which TUclientSupport is not responsible for solving, this is an essential step towards solving your problem. Only the TUdeskTop and TUnoteBook service offers help with hardware problems.

Not with TUclientSupport.
The TUdeskTop and TUnoteBook service includes the exchange of the PC in case of hardware problems, but not the upgrade / conversion of additional hardware components to be installed.

However, our external partner companies typically also sell hardware. If you make use of their offers, you can also agree the installation with them. The configuration and partitioning of discs is included in the system maintenance.

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