License Terms Student Software

The license conditions apply between a validly registered student of the Vienna University of Technology (as sublicensee) and the Information Technology Solutions of the Vienna University of Technology (as licensee) and regulate the intended use of the Vienna University of Technology student software.

The current print versions of the license conditions of all products are available for download on the respective product pages.

The following general license conditions apply, possibly expressly extended or modified by own listed additions to the respective products.

General license conditions

  1. The license for the student software can only be acquired by validly registered students of the Vienna University of Technology and entitles them to use (save, load, execute) the software on exactly one personal computer and is valid as long as the condition "student of the Vienna University of Technology" is fulfilled. If the installation medium contains the product in several language variants and/or for several operating systems, the installation is only permitted in one language under exactly one version of exactly one operating system. Student licenses are not upgradeable, i.e. an additional license must be purchased in order to use a new version.
  2. A maximum of one copy of the software may be made for backup or archiving purposes and the software (or copies thereof) and license information (license IDs, product IDs, activation keys, ...) may not be passed on or published to third parties.
  3. The software may only be used for the purposes of your own training. Any commercial use is not permitted.
  4. The student undertakes not to attempt (e.g. by reverse engineering or disassembling) to discover secret or confidential information about the functionality of the software and its internal and external interfaces.
  5. If the conditions (student of the Vienna University of Technology) for the use of the software are no longer met, the software may no longer be used and must be removed from the computer. Media and copies thereof must be rendered unusable.
  6. In order to use server-based services, a valid TUpassword and a valid email address of the form are required.
  7. There is no support for student software.

01.01.2018 Revision 3 instead of ZID
01.01.2010 Revision 2
More gender-sensitive formulation
01.04.2006 Revision 1
 1. (Supplement): Student licenses are not upgradeable ...
 6. (new): Requirements for using server-based services
 7. (old): was 6 before.
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