General Terms and Conditions regarding the Student Software Online Services

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The service is operated by the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Information Technology Solutions ( The selection, the payment, the registration process of the licenses, as well as the download of the software takes place online. The allocation of licenses is not a normal sale, but a cost contribution to the financing of the service by and therefore kept as low as possible. It applies in particular:

  1. Prerequisite for the purchase of student software is an active study at the TU Wien, technically represented by a valid TUaccount.
  2. A further prerequisite for the purchase of student software is the express acceptance of the license conditions. This is done online by an explicit active confirmation before the payment of the selected licenses. The student is obliged to inform himself personally about the license conditions in any form and to familiarize himself with them sufficiently before the purchase. The license conditions are published on the web.
  3. Only students of the Vienna University of Technology or students of other Austrian universities who have registered at the Vienna University of Technology are entitled to receive the subscription.
  4. Return and exchange of registered and paid student software is unfortunately not possible. There is expressly no right of revocation, as the software is not suitable for a return due to its nature.
  5. Passing on the licenses as well as a permanent or temporary duplication of the software in whole or in part by any means and in any form is prohibited. Any transfer to authorized students through possible re-registration is excluded.
  6. Before purchasing student software, please make sure that you can use the product on the platform you intend to use and that you have a sufficient Internet connection to carry out any further registration processes.
  7. Before purchasing the student software, please make sure that you can install, use and access the software on a suitable computer.
  8. Certain products may require reinstallation and re-registration when hardware is changed, making it necessary to purchase a new license.
  9. Certain products may also have a limited period of validity so that they are no longer fit for use before the end of their studies.
  10. In general, each student is only entitled to one subscription for each product version. The purchased licenses can be viewed online by the student.
  11. The unauthorized transfer of student licenses or other objects, which are made available in the online area in addition, to third parties or the intentional violation of the license conditions can lead to an exclusion from the student software service.
  12. tests the products so that they can be installed and operated on the defined platforms.
  13. No warranty can be given for the functionality of the products as defined and offered by the manufacturer and various compatibilities.
  14. For the purchased licenses there is no support whatsoever, please refer to the information on the media as well as in the online area.
  15. Students who participate in the Student Software Service receive product-related information from on innovations, updates or licensing matters as information or due to updates via email.
  16. For the purchased licenses there is the option of a payment confirmation.
  17. For the purchased licenses there is no right to delivery of a medium (CD/DVD).
  18. The online processing of business processes can take place worldwide via the Internet. No special application is necessary, just a common browser.
  19. We use your order-related data exclusively for the processing and handling of your order. Your customer data is automatically stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Your data will not be passed on, sold, rented or otherwise made accessible to third parties.
  20. In order to carry out a secure transaction and to guarantee the security of the data transfer, the data transfer is encrypted.

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