KMS activation

Microsoft products must be periodically activated on our TU internal KMS server. In order to be able to perform an activation on the KMS server, a connection to the TUnet must be established and the access to the activation server must be activated. This is done in a separate point in the supplied activation scripts and requires a valid user name and password. The password is generally not identical with the TUpassword. The activation is valid for approx. 10 minutes.

If there are problems with the activation, please check if you are using the latest activation script. Additional installers are available for both Windows and Office products to install the latest version of the script. Since the new activation scripts are much easier to use and also offer a much improved log function, only the new activation scripts can be supported.

If there are problems with a KMS activation, please install the latest script first (for ALL Windows operating systems under \WinDesktop\win10.ent\EDU\TUWindowsActivation_setup.exe, for all Office products except 2019 under \MS_Office\win\Activation\TUOfficeActivation_setup.exe) and try the activation again. If the problem persists, please use the integrated support function to create a ticket.

In general, please note that an (institute) firewall can prevent activation. A connection to must ALWAYS be possible, a connection to after activation is necessary. Also note that your license order must be released before you can activate it.

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