Installation programs are offered by to facilitate installation procedures. For further information on the individual installers, see the following list.


The new TUcard App is used by the Applications group to distribute the TUcard App. For further information please see TUcard.


The installation of the additional files to use the Windows 10 Education and Semiannual Server version is laborious and error-prone by hand. This installer automatically copies the necessary additional files into an unmodified Windows installation.

The current version of the installer can be found in the installation directory of the product.


According to the current description, opens an external URL in a new window, the SAP installation cannot be automated and is also laborious for the end user. Therefore, an installer officially maintained by was created, which is suitable both for the end user and for automation.


An SCCM server is in test mode. The client installation could be reduced with the help of the TUsccm Installer for one-click installation; further steps are only necessary on the server.

The SCCM server is in beta stage and is currently being tested internally.

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