Connection to SWD with Mint and Ubuntu

There are various Linux variations, so that we can only describe the basic procedure here. If the graphical user interfaces cannot or should not be used, the following command can still be used on the console (if a samba client is installed):

mount -t cifs -o username=<username> // /<mntpnt>>

Mint (left) and Ubuntu (right) are used in the following as examples for graphical environments under Linux.

First open your File Explorer:

Screenshot 1 Mint: Opening the File Explorer
Screenshot 1 unbutu: Opening the File Explorer

Select 'Connect to new server':

Screenshot 2 Mint: Selection of "connect to server"
Screenshot 2 ubuntu: Selection of "connect to server"

Enter as data (depending on the system, not all details will be requested at once, some may be suggested automatically):

  • Server: or with protocol smb://
  • Directory/Share: products
  • Connect as a registered user
  • Workgroup: Workgroup
  • Domain: leave empty
  • SWD Username and Password
Screenshot 3 Mint: Data entry
Screenshot 3 ubuntu: Data input

You should then be able to see and use the contents of the SWD server.

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