Using cloud storage

Cloud storage is included with some products. This means that the user can optionally save settings, files, messages, or the like in a system that does not belong to the TU Wien. Therefore, please note some important things when dealing with cloud storage:

  • Please note that personal data may not be stored in cloud storage. Details on this in the TU Wien Cloudrichtlinie.
  • Cloud storage is generally designed to be very redundant, so that data loss due to a server failure is unlikely. Nevertheless, data may be lost if, for example:
    • The account is hacked or there is a major slump in the provider.
    • The account is deleted (for various reasons).
    • You accidentally delete files yourself. This is particularly fatal if an automatic synchronization process causes the deletion on all your devices.
  • We therefore strongly recommend backing up all data in cloud storage independently and frequently (not in a cloud product!). does not currently offer backup of cloud storage.
  • Please note in particular that when unsubscribing from products with cloud storage, all files are backed up beforehand. After unsubscribing, access is generally no longer possible; the data is generally deleted by the account deletion. assumes no liability for data in cloud storage. The use of cloud storage is at your own risk.

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