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Here in the Self Service area you can manage your products and licenses (order, view, cancel, ...). Select a category to see your options.

Overview, opens an external URL in a new window of licenses and services purchased per organizational unit.

Campus software management, opens an external URL in a new window (Entry and removal of release owners, license owners and billing recipients)

Registered licensees, release holders and IT contact persons (EDP representatives) can call up information on licenses and system support cases.

Unsubscribe (cancel) from licenses

Unsubscription / cancellation as well as an order must be confirmed by an authorised release agent. A cancellation can currently only be made by the licence holder, opens an external URL in a new window (not by authorised users or IT contact persons).

The Software and Platforms Division of IT Solutions would like to provide the organizational units with a tool for simple license management of clearing units. In order to provide a better overview of the campus software, we have created a possibility to manage a basic overview of the campus software used. This has the form of a matrix, which is structured according to the license inventory and the host inventory of a billing unit. The license and host data are generated from our database and can be noted by the customers themselves.

It is clear to us that this tool is not a real license management system, but a first possibility to give those responsible an overview of the license inventory of a billing unit and to give the corresponding viewer or editor the possibility to change the overview of the inventory both host-oriented and license-oriented. The data do not have any official meaning and are not really assignable to persons for, but they can give the user an overview of how far they correlate with the licensed stock: The first column shows the difference between the license status reported to us and the sums that may have been entered, and thus shows a possible difference between the stock or the licensing. Since does not know any real allocations of the license stock, no pre-entries are made (except server). The entries are managed exclusively by the user as an information value and have no ordering or maintenance significance.

This overview is therefore also completely irrelevant under licensing law, but a first attempt to at least maintain a certain overview would have the advantage that it can be compared with the existing products and hosts from our database, even if we are aware of the deficiencies in form (web and browser) and data (completeness).

Analogous to the other license lists, the overview is readable for license owners, release owners and IT contacts of the organizational unit, as well as changeable for license owners, and for release owners if no license owner is nominated.

Please refer to the respective license planners on the page for IT contact persons, opens an external URL in a new window.

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