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The Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) is a consortium of several Austrian universities that have combined their resources to operate high-performance computing (HPC) cluster systems. The VSC Steering Committee appointed TU.it Solutions together with the VSC Research Center to operate the VSC systems. We provide resources such as compute time and file space on the HPC cluster systems of the VSC and help you to optimize your workflow. vsc.ac.at, opens an external URL in a new window

Several powerful HPC systems are available in combination with:

  • an extremely wide range of middleware and applications,
  • support from the VSC team,
  • training courses and workshops.

Powerful HPC systems to meet the most stringent requirements with a focus on parallel applications; in addition GPU nodes are available.

Information on order process, costs and billing only available after registration.

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Some information is currently only available in German.

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