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Server with CAE-Software

We make server systems available to the institutes of the Vienna University of Technology for extensive projects, which have an optimal hardware and operating system architecture for certain applications (software packages), have a significantly higher performance in multi-user operation than institute workstations, and enable cost-effective licensing of expensive software packages.

Overview cae-Software

ABAQUS cae.zserv caelv.zserv
ANSYS cae.zserv caelv.zserv
FLOW3D cae.zserv  
STAR-CD cae.zserv  
STAR-CCM+ cae.zserv caelv.zserv
OpenFOAM cae.zserv caelv.zserv
FIRE cae.zserv  
Comsol cae.zserv  
Gaussian cae.zserv  
GT-Power cae.zserv  


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