WLAN Certificates

Before connecting to the TU-WLAN you should definitely check the certificates of the servers to which your client is connected:

If you set up an encrypted WLAN connection (SSID "tunet" or SSID "eduroam") in the network of the Vienna University of Technology, please check the certificates (if supported by your device) when connecting and check them using the below standing information (names and fingerprints).
The radius servers of the TU Wien are called odo.kom.tuwien.ac.at and nog.kom.tuwien.ac.at.

If you find an authentication server in the TU-WLAN, which obviously pretends to be the wrong radius server, please contact us immediately: trouble@noc.tuwien.ac.at.

Download Subject Fingerprint
DigiCert Root DigiCert Assured ID
Root CA
SHA1 Fingerprint=
MD5 Fingerprint=
  TERENA SSL CA 3 SHA1 Fingerprint=
MD5 Fingerprint=
  odo.kom.tuwien.ac.at SHA1 Fingerprint=
MD5 Fingerprint=
SubjectAltNames=DNS:odo.kom.tuwien.ac.at, DNS:radius.kom.tuwien.ac.at
  nog.kom.tuwien.ac.at SHA1 Fingerprint=
MD5 Fingerprint=
SubjectAltNames=DNS:nog.kom.tuwien.ac.at, DNS:radius.kom.tuwien.ac.at

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