L2TP over IPsec under Windows 10

A VPN connection with L2TP over IPsec under Windows 10 can be created via:

| Start | Settings | Network and Internet | VPN | Add VPN Connection |

You need the following data for L2TP over IPsec :

VPN provider: Windows (integrated)
connection name: TU-VPN
Servername or IP-Address: vpn.tuwien.ac.at
VPN-Typ: L2TP/IPsec with pre-installed key
Pre-installed key: vpn2tu
Logon Information Type: Username and password

Valid VPN Accounts:


Screen: Instructions

Please enter the above data and save it for future reference.

Screen: Instructions

"TU-VPN" was created as a new entry, the connection can now be started.

Screen: Instructions

Enter your username and password and confirm with OK.

Screen: Instructions

The connection is now established and all traffic is encrypted and sent to the TU via the tunnel.

Screen: Instructions

You will find "TU-VPN" by clicking on the network icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar. From here you can comfortably start and stop "TU-VPN".

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