Use of TUnet connections in lecture halls and seminar rooms

  • To be able to use the service, DHCP must be configured on your system (obtain IP address automatically).
  • Now connect your computer to a junction box activated for this service: List of activated junction boxes in lecture halls.
  • Now open any page in a web browser (with HTTP). You will now be automatically redirected to the validation page ("Captive Portal") (HTTPS). After successful login with your user name (e.g. UserId@mobil[] or UserId@conference[] ) and your password, all protocols (not only HTTP) will be activated.

Security through VPN

Since in such a "semi-public" area, where, among other things, the WLAN service of the Vienna University of Technology is offered, eavesdropping security is not ensured, it is strongly recommended to use encrypted protocols or VPN.

Therefore, with the authorization for the use of the auditorium network, an authorization (with the same user name and password) on a VPN concentrator ( is automatically given.

A corresponding VPN client is required on the computer. Details on configuration and access to the VPN download portal can be found on the corresponding VPN pages.

If you use VPN, no login via the above mentioned validation page ("Captive Portal") is required!

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