Activation and configuration of TP sockets

TP sockets must be activated via a separate ticket before a terminal device can be connected.
(For reasons of cost, the sockets are only connected to the mains when required. Patch cable to the switch is plugged in).
The TP sockets we use are in most cases double sockets, which are led into the distribution room via two cables. Thus the designation "1 TP-DP02U23 2" means two sockets: TP-DP02U23-1 and TP-DP02U23-2. Each of the two connection points must be enabled separately. This also applies to the "half-mounted" sockets "A TP-DB0202D-7 B" (TP-DB0202D-7-A and TP-DB0202D-7-B).

Simply send an email to and provide the exact designation, transmission speed and mode (switch-side). Please also indicate which IP address range and which VLAN should be used on this port. We will forward the request to the Hardware Department. The activation will be carried out, whereby the wishes regarding speed will be fulfilled if possible. You will receive confirmation of the activation from this department.

Transfer speeds:
10 MBit/s
100 MBit/s
1000 MBit/s (in special cases for servers)

HD - Half duplex
FD - Fullduplex (only for servers)
AUTO - automatic detection (may cause problems with some interfaces)

Please activate the following sockets:
TP-DB0202D-7-A 100Mbit FD VLAN:766 (e.g. for institute servers)
TP-DB0202D-8 10Mbit HD VLAN:766 (e.g. workstation computer)

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