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Registration (login) takes place by entering the TUnet database. From this database the data for the Nameservice is generated once a day and thus the name servers of the TU Wien are automatically updated.

Registration can only be carried out by TUnet approvers of the institute or department.

1. via email to the hostmaster:

Note on the scheduling coordination of complex entries with
If you want to have entries concerning MX-Records (Mail Exchanger Records) for your institute's mail server or alias entries concerning your web server made and there are any uncertainties, please contact the hostmaster by mail or telephone. Mutual clear coordination of dates can avoid data loss/problems.

2. via direct application in the TUnet database (TU-wide read access or modification possibility for authorized users)


  • Send an email with appropriate information (see device registration) to Hostmaster
  • This mail is automatically forwarded to a ticket system, which normally sends you a machine-generated reply. The subject of the mail contains the so-called ticket number. Please use this ticket number for any further communication concerning this hostmaster agenda (e.g.: Incident #nnnnn).
  • After has processed your registration, you will receive a corresponding answer (successful registration/data update of the computer or queries due to incomplete/unclear information).
  • If the computer has been successfully updated, it is taken into account when generating the name server data and is automatically activated in the morning in the name service on the next day of processing. If this is not the case for obvious reasons, please contact Hostmaster again.

Please report without exception as soon as possible any change in the computer data of computers connected to the TUnet, in order to ensure proper functionality/connectivity as well as to enable quick troubleshooting.

Especially important are:

  • Change of the connection point/location
  • Installation of a new network card (corresponds to changing the Ethernet/MAC address)
  • Change of other data, like responsible persons, etc.
  • Deleting computers that are no longer active - when the name server entry(s) is removed from the TUnet database, the name server entry(s) is (are) also deleted. In this way you avoid unnecessary assignment of IP addresses and have a better overview of the computer systems active on the network at your institute.

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