IPv6 for institutes

IPv6 for institute subnets

IT Solutions / Communication Department assigns IPv6 addresses or an IPv6 address range to structural elements (organisational units) in TUnet on request.

Servers are assigned a fixed IPv6 address by the TU.it, which is entered in the name service of the TU.
For workstations, the advantage of auto-configuration can be used. Here, an IPv6 system usually receives a prefix fully automatically from the responsible router. This is used to form the IP address and assign a gateway. For reasons of high administrative effort, no manual DNS entry by TU.it is planned.

Please note that institute firewalls must support IPv6, otherwise you will not be able to use this service (consult TU.it if necessary)!

The IPv4 service is not changed by the additional IPv6 service.

If you are interested in IPv6 for your institute please contact hostmaster@noc.tuwien.ac.at !

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