Institute firewall


  • Firewall with sufficient performance
  • Structured cabling, supplied via a VLAN-capable switch (in principle, it is also possible to split a thinwire cable segment if the cable end is only used by one institute)
  • In order to continue to operate a reliable network management, the following must be ensured:
    • To monitor the network connection to the institute, we need at least one server at the institute that we can reach with ping (e.g. mail server, web server). This applies to the following IP addresses: to, and 2001:629:1002:303::144 (network management workstations).
    • In addition, active network components of ours (which are behind the firewall) must remain accessible from the domains and via telnet, snmp, ftp, tftp, rsh, ssh and icmp. If access cannot be controlled via domain names, the following IP address ranges must be released:,,

Installation procedure and registration

  • You send a Hostmaster ticket with general information: Institute, network address, installation site, the two TP sockets provided for the firewall, contact persons for queries as to which computers are to come behind the FW (connection sockets). It is also possible to put the individual computers of the institute behind the firewall step by step.
  • We will forward this ticket to the Hardware Department. You will receive your own hardware ticket number by email. The Hostmaster-Ticket itself will be closed!
  • After the preparation of the network by the hardware department, send us a new hostmaster ticket with all known data (IP addresses, socket numbers). Please do not apply directly at the TUnet-DB. The firewall will be registered by us and activated in the TU-Nameservice the next day. You are free to assign names (as a security measure, it is best to choose names that do not immediately indicate a firewall).

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