Order process in detail

  1. Before ordering, the required upTUdate group Ennn-nn[-n].[x.]TUiSBD.adm must be created (by the address manager of a structural element (an organizational unit)).
  2. Then the TUiSBD order can be carried out by an authorised person. All licensees registered for campus software are entitled to order. Please enter the billing group, a customer-specific name, the size in GB, authorization group and network connection of the server.
  3. After the purchase order has been placed, the person responsible for the respective offsetting group must release the purchase order.
  4. This creates an entry in the TU.it ticket system with the required purchase order.
  5. If necessary, a TU.it employee will consult (by telephone or via ticket) you as the orderer.
  6. If all ambiguities are resolved, the discs with the desired properties are set up by TU.it.
  7. Notification of completion will be sent by ticket. The passwords will be sent to you separately.

Extension of an existing disk

Please order with the existing name the disc size you need additionally!

Before ordering, please keep in mind that you can order additional storage space to an existing TUiScsiBackupDisk at any time. The expansion of an existing disk is easily possible. Therefore, please only order the really required storage quantities.

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