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After announcing the network connection via the order form (and switching the connection to the VLAN specified by, you will be assigned an IP address for your server for the interface in the "Backup" VLAN.

The iSCSI portal (target portal) for each structural element (each organizational unit) is redundant (2 IP addresses) and must be addressed via multipath drivers. More detailed configuration settings can be found in the instructions.

This service is currently provided by server systems at Arsenal Objekt 214, Franz Grill Str.9, 1030 Vienna.

A weekly maintenance window Wednesday 12 - 16 o'clock is required for the operation of the systems.

During the maintenance window, all disks must be dismounted to avoid data loss. Therefore it is strongly recommended to mount the TUiScsiBackupDisk only during the backup run. If a disk is mounted during the maintenance window and data is damaged as a result, this is the responsibility of the service user.

The TUiScsiStorage Service is not intended for use as an archive. In order to be able to meet the requirements for storage for backup purposes cost-effectively, this service is provided on systems that are not fully redundant.

Since this service is the provision of storage exclusively for backup purposes, no further backups or copies of the data stored by the customers on these systems exist in the area. Should a technical problem occur, has no possibility to restore the stored data.

In case of a change of technology, does not migrate data. However, a replacement system will be provided on time approx. three months before the old system is shut down.

To use the services, the service recipient must provide a separate network interface in each server, as this data traffic is handled via a network infrastructure separate from the rest of the TUnet for performance reasons. Therefore it is not possible to use the services via normal TUnet connections.

The assignment of IP addresses for these special interfaces is carried out within the framework of the services by

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