Order process in detail

  • Before ordering, the required upTUdate groups for the administrators Ennn.x.TUhost.adm must be created (by the address manager of the structural element (the organizational unit)).
    Ennn Name of the structural element (organizational unit), nnn 3-digit numeric
    Ennn.x Allocation group, x 1-digit numeric
  • Then the TUhost order can be carried out by an authorised person. All licensees registered for campus software are entitled to order.
    Please indicate:
    • allocation group
    • VM name (=host.subdomain)
      This name must not yet be in use, i.e. it must be a new machine. If an existing physical or virtual machine is to be taken over, this request must be explicitly selected on the order form.
    • vCPU number
    • RAM in GB
    • DiskSys in GB
    • DiskData in GB
    • DiskHighPerf GB
    • administrator group (Ennn.x.TUhost.adm)
      It should be noted that within the group Ennn.x.TUhost.adm all persons have the same access rights and thus implicitly have complete access to all data of all virtual machines administrable for the respective group via the restore functions. The group must first be created by the address manager of your institute.
    • operating system (CentOS, Debian or Windows Server)
    • individual IP addresses, for which console access is to be enabled
    • purpose of use of the virtual machine
  • Your order must be released by an authorized person responsible for your structural element (organizational unit) (displayed after the order).
  • After the release a ticket is generated automatically.
  • Within three working days you will be contacted by a TU.it employee so that any questions that may arise can be clarified. After all open points have been clarified, your virtual machine will be made available within 14 working days at the latest.

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