This service is provided on redundant servers at the Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, and Gußhaus, Gußhausstraße 27-29, data centers. 

The basis is VMware ESXi for the hypervisor and SANsymphony for the storage.
An ISO image with a startup package for the operating system of your choice (CentOS, Debian or Windows Server) is provided on the DVD drive of your virtual machine. The design of the system makes it possible to perform routine maintenance without interrupting operations.

If required, additional system care can be ordered.

Licensing of the software you use is not part of this service.

The guest operating system in the virtual machine must be operated independently by the ordering structural element (by the ordering organizational unit).
The name of the machine in the guest operating system may not be changed by the operator without consulting TU.it, as in this case extensive adjustments are required in different documentation systems.

The initial entry in the TUnet database is made by TU.it as part of the virtual machine setup.

It is highly recommended to install,, opens an external URL in a new window the latest version of VMware tools in the guest operating system to ensure smooth support of the guest operating system by the VMware ESXi hypervisor.

The virtualization platform is suitable for operating servers with moderate resource requirements but high availability requirements.
The virtualization platform is not suitable for operating servers that are to support applications with very high demands on computing power and/or storage performance, such as simulation calculations, high-performance databases or storage for very large data volumes.

For the operation of virtual machines, IP address ranges are assigned for structural units (organizational units) in a special server network IP address range. Please note that the operation of your virtual server is not possible within your institute address range!

Access to your virtual machines is possible via vCenter. This allows you to run your virtual machines independently and also stop and start them.

You can control who should have administrator access to your virtual machine via an upTUdate authorization group, opens an external URL in a new window Ennn.x.TUhost.adm, which you make known to TU.it. I.e. by adding or removing colleagues from the upTUdate group, you independently manage your administrator group. In addition, console access is restricted to certain IP addresses, which you please specify when ordering your virtual machine.

The values for computing power (in number of vCores) and the size of RAM or disk space you specify when ordering can be adjusted to your current requirements at any time.

Access to the virtualization infrastructure for operation and maintenance purposes is technically possible only for employees of the service provider directly entrusted with these tasks.

Access to the virtual machine management systems is restricted to individual IP addresses provided by the Customer.

The Service Provider shall operate a backup system for disaster recovery of the complete virtual machines with a daily backup and a retention period of 30 days.

Customers can request the restoration of virtual machines (VM) from a backup via the ticket system, opens an external URL in a new window, specifying the name of the VM and the desired date of the restore point, as a member of the administrator group stored for the VM.

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