Individual configuration


The file .htaccess offers you the possibility to adjust the configuration of the web server to your needs. For this purpose, a text file with the name .htaccess (note the leading dot!) must be created in the directory concerned. The content of this file then determines the configuration for the affected directory.

With the "DirectoryIndex" option followed by one or more file names separated by spaces, you can define a start or default page.

       DirectoryIndex MyStartpage.html

If the affected folder is called without specifying an HTML page (e.g.:, the content of MyHomepage.html is displayed, if available.

Apache Documentation of DirectoryIndex, opens an external URL in a new window.

You have the option of protecting directories from general access with a password list.

       AuthType Basic
       AuthName "Password Required"
       AuthUserFile /home/info/users/MyLogin/passwords.txt
       Require valid-user

It is important to specify the full path for AuthUserFile, the name (like passwords.txt here) can be freely chosen. Each line of this file must contain an entry in the format Login:Password encrypted, with the online tool, opens an external URL in a new window you can create such lines.

You can restrict access to folders to specific IP addresses. To do this, there must be a .htaccess file with the following structure in the affected folder:

       Order Deny,Allow
       Deny from all
       Allow from IPADRESSE
       Allow from IPADRESSE


IPADRESSE must be replaced by the IP address or IP range that is to be allowed. Ranges can be specified by a netmask, e.g: oder
Apache documentation for: Allow, opens an external URL in a new windowDeny, opens an external URL in a new window,Order, opens an external URL in a new window

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