Infoserver: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have saved the host key of the old Info Server in your SSH/SCP client, it now recognizes that the host key of the new Info Server has changed. Depending on the client, a connection is denied or you must confirm this for each connection. With graphical clients there is usually a menu item under Settings, Tools or Options with a sub-item with the saved host keys, in which a table with all previously saved host keys is displayed. There delete the entry for info.tuwien.ac.at (and if available for and reconnect. You will be asked if you want to save the new Host-Key, acknowledge this with "yes". If OpenSSH is used on the command line, the entry is in ~/.ssh/known_hosts.
The fingerprint of info.tuwien.ac.at is f2:6a:f7:96:56:5f:24:1c:68:fd:aa:09:91:b2:c6:f7

If you cannot access external databases such as MySQL from the Infoserver, you have to tell the administrator of the database server the IP addresses from which you need access. 
These are:,,,
or as net mask oder

A login is only possible on the SSH standard port 22 and only from the TUnet!

Please enter the following line immediately after the login (followed by a confirmation by the return key) and log in again afterwards:

echo 'if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then . /etc/bashrc; fi' > ~/.bash_profile

You can also copy and paste this line into your terminal window and then confirm with the [Return] key.

The PR department of the TU Wien in cooperation with the legal department has developed a "Disclaimer" (valid for the domain tuwien.ac.at) and made it available in the imprint of the TU Wien, opens an external URL in a new window. As the author of a website, you can refer to this disclaimer within this domain at any time.

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