Private calls

Separate billing of private calls (split bill)

At the request of the user of an A1 service mobile phone, private calls or private SMS messages can be identified as such and billed separately. (Charges for data services and additional packages cannot be billed privately.)


The identification is made by dialling the prefix 98 before the number to be dialed. For private calls or SMS to a Viennese phone number, 9801... must be dialed, for a phone number in Germany 980049... (the plus sign must be replaced by 00 when using the prefix). Split Bill also works partially abroad in the partner networks of A1. A current list can be found under "International availability" on A1. International Network, opens an external URL in a new window".

There are two different variants of private call separation, which differ in the billing of charges abroad:

Split Bill:

Only those calls abroad that are made with prefix 98 in those A1 partner networks that support this are classified as private calls. Calls in networks that do not support private call disconnection and all passive international calls (call forwarding abroad) are always recorded on the business invoice and not as private calls.

International Split Bill:

All calls abroad, no matter whether with prefix 98 or without, as well as all passive international calls are billed to your private bill without exception. This makes sense if the user of the service mobile phone will certainly never have to make a business call abroad, but wants to use the mobile phone when travelling abroad.


For each billing period (=1 month) in which private calls with costs were made, an invoice for these calls is sent to the user's private address and the invoice amount is collected from the user's current account. Only the call costs will be charged, no basic fee. The same tariffs apply as for business calls, but the free minutes are only counted once, i.e. they apply for business and private calls together.


The A1 Network employee supplementary invoice, opens an external URL in a new window form must be used to set up the private authorization. The employee's phone number (top right and last line of the "Company data" area), the subsequent "Personal data of the employee" area, the "Direct debit authorization" and, if applicable, the notification data must be filled in twice. For International Split Bill (see above), the corresponding box to the right of "Split Bill" must also be ticked.

Please print out the form and sign the direct debit authorization. If the monthly invoices are not (only) to be retrieved via the A1 ONLINE INVOICE, but also a paper invoice is desired, point 9 of the contract conditions must be deleted.

The completed form must be sent to attn. Mrs. Inge Schlossnikl. will fill in the rest and forward the form to A1. The processing there usually takes 3-7 days.

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