Mobile phone use

Telephoning with the business mobile phone

Call another service cell:

four-digit speed dial number

Call the TU landline:

90 and 5-digit or 6-digit TU extension unit

via Direct Link (always free of charge)

91 and 5-digit or 6-digit TU extension unit

via fixed network (free of charge within the free minutes)

Conducting a private conversation (if activated)

98 and desired number

Every mobile phone in the A1 network contract is reached with:

  • the business number (corporate number)
  • the actual number of the SIM card
  • as well as the four-digit speed-dial number (from another business mobile phone)

cf. mobile numbers


Query from mobile phone:

four-digit speed dial number

Query from a landline or abroad:

+43 66477 xxxxxxx #Mobile box password#, xxxxxxx is the actual (private) phone number of the service mobile phone, mobile box password consists of the last four digits of the PUK (can be changed) 

A1 Information

999 11866

Number only for A1 Network customers!

(Number for A1 customers who are not Network customers: 11866)

Service Center

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