Mobile numbers

Each mobile phone in the A1 Network contract has 3 phone numbers:

  • Corporate number (corporate number)

This is the virtual phone number under which every mobile phone in the A1 Network of the TU Wien can be called. It has the form 0664-60 588 kkkk, where "kkkk" is identical to the four-digit speed dial of the mobile phone. For business purposes, you should always enter this number as your mobile phone number (e.g. in the address book or on a business card).

For every call and every SMS from a mobile phone, the business telephone number is sent as the sender. (However, the internal (private) phone number is always sent with a private call.)

Calls to service mobile phones from extensions of the TU Wien are charged at a preferential rate to callers. This presupposes, however, that the official mobile phone is called under its official telephone number 0664-60 588 kkkk. Alternatively, an official mobile phone can be called from an extension of the TU Wien under 90 kkkk (90 is a short code for 0664-60 588). Calls to the actual phone number of the mobile phone are not registered as calls to a business mobile phone.

  • Actual (private) phone number (MSISDN)

This number is the actual number of the SIM card.  As a rule, it is a number from one of the number blocks assigned to the TU Wien by A1 for the A1 Network. A new mobile phone receives a phone number from such a number block. If existing numbers have been included in the A1 Network contract, they are now also part of the A1 Network of the TU Wien.

If a call (with configured private call authorization) is conducted as a private call with the prefix "98", the internal (private) phone number is always sent along with the call.

In the private area you should always enter this number as your mobile phone number.

  • Speed dialling (or direct dialling)

The four-digit speed dial numbers can be used for mutual calls between mobile phones in the A1 Network of the TU Wien. Any other mobile phone in the same network can be called from an A1 Network mobile phone with the speed dial. The speed dial corresponds to the last digits of the business number 0664-605 88 kkkk. In addition, the mobile phone's mobile box can be listened to simply by dialling your own speed dial.

Calls to a speed-dial number also partly work abroad in the A1 partner networks.

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