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We ask you to treat the tariff information confidentially, as the TU Wien has committed itself to secrecy. 

The EU price regulation for calls from Austria to EU countries valid since 15.5.2019 is only valid for contracts concluded by an end consumer. Contracts with companies are not included. So far there is no binding promise from A1 that the price regulation for the TU Wien will be applied. Fees (incl. VAT) from 01.06.2013 according to the framework agreement of the BBG (Bundesbeschaffung GmbH) with A1: We ask you to keep the tariff information confidential, as the TU Wien has committed itself to secrecy.

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Data tariffs (for the voice SIM card)

for very small amounts of data, without further registration:

DATA BASIS tariff, equivalent to € 1.344 per MB, € 0.042 / 32 KB

WLAN BASIS-Tarif € 0.204 / 128 KB

For large data volumes (up to 1 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB): see Mobile Internet

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