Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet can be used in two different ways:

  • as an additional option on an existing voice SIM card:

In addition to a voice SIM card, one of the following broadband data packets can be activated (without binding period). This is particularly recommended for users who want to transfer data on their mobile phone (mail, Internet browser, calendar synchronization) and use their mobile phone as an Internet modem for occasional Internet access on a notebook (e.g. via USB cable or Bluetooth connection).

  • with its own data SIM card:

For frequent Internet access with a notebook, it is recommended to activate a separate data SIM card with one of the following data packages: A data SIM card can be assigned to a voice SIM card, but it is also possible to issue such a data card for mobile Internet access without a voice SIM card.


A1 broadband packages: German only


There is no activation fee. The monthly basic fee for the broadband package will be charged in addition to the basic fee for the voice SIM card or by calling the number of the separate data SIM card. € 30.- will be charged for a reduction of the broadband package. 1.8.2013 saw the activation of the cost restriction regulation in the A1 Corporate Network of the TU Wien. Without consent, no more than € 60.- per number may be charged per billing period for mobile data services in Austria.


If the notebook does not have a built-in slot for a SIM card, the corresponding Vodafone Mobile Connect hardware (USB stick, USB modem, depending on the current offer) is required for the data SIM card. 

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