Mobile phone purchase

No. The A1 SIM card can be used in any free, non-SIM-locked mobile phone.

You can buy a Blackberry device. The TU Wien does not operate its own Blackberry Enterprise Server. You can use the services offered by A1 for Blackberries.

At any point of sale.

Mobile phone defect

Contact the point of sale where you purchased your device.

Please contact TU.it for an exchange SIM card with the same phone number. Please do not accept a replacement card from an A1 shop!

Mobile phone loss

On weekends or outside TU.it office hours, you must have the phone number blocked by the A1 Serviceline, Tel. 0800 664 444, from abroad +43 50 664 8444 (24h daily).

During normal office hours, please contact the Service Center immediately, tel. 01-58801-42002. We can then block the SIM card. Or a SIM card exchange can be carried out immediately, whereby the stolen SIM card is automatically blocked. The new SIM card (with the same phone number) must then be collected from the Service Center.

In principle, you can block the SIM card in the same way as for theft. If you believe that you have just misplaced the mobile phone, then we can first only block the SIM card (do not exchange it immediately). Or we set the profile to "passive", which means that no active calls can be made. When the phone is found again, the SIM card can be unlocked or the original profile can be reset.


If you want to use an NFC SIM based ATM card mobile on your mobile phone, you have to order the ATM card mobile at your bank. The bank will forward your order to A1 and you will receive the A1 NFC SIM card directly from A1 to your address.

By prefixing "061" before the destination number

No, this is not possible.

An MMS can only be received correctly on the business mobile phone if it has been sent to the physical phone number of the SIM card.

In Germany, the mobile mailbox can be listened to simply by dialling your own four-digit speed dial.

The mobile box password of the SIM card is identical to the last 4 digits of the PUK code. It is only required if you do not listen to the mobile box from your own mobile phone or if you are abroad.

By dialing 90 followed by the four-digit cell phone speed dial.

By election of 90 followed by the TU extension.

Dial 90 81 and you will be prompted to enter your PIN followed by a #.

In TISS, the number of the service mobile phone in one of the forms 90xxxx or +4366460588xxxx or 0004366460588xxxx or 0066460588xxxx or 006646088xxxxx must be entered as the destination for the call forwarding in the own TUphone profile (under "Create new call forwarding"). (Other numbers are accepted by TISS, but do not work!)

Yes, forwarded calls are charged as service calls to the TU extension.

Yes, any telephone number can be entered on the business mobile phone as the destination for call diversion (see mobile phone description).

Call diversion on busy:
Calls are diverted in the case of a telephone call that is currently in progress, there is no call waiting.

Call diversion on no reply:
Calls are diverted after 25 seconds (can be changed individually).

Call diversion if connection not reachable:
Calls are only diverted if the mobile phone is switched off or outside the coverage area.

Call diversion essential:
All incoming calls are diverted without exception.

Yes, (only) 3 people can talk to each other at the same time.

You (A) are on the phone with B (it does not matter whether you called B or were called by B). If you press the "off-hook" key during the call, you are calling C. During the call with C, you can initiate a conference call using the "Conference" option that your mobile phone should offer you. This will add B (whose call to you has been put on hold in the meantime) to the call with C.

As soon as you hang up (A), all calls are terminated.

The costs are to be borne by the person who set up the call. If you have called B and C, you bear the cost of both calls (if not free of charge or within the free minutes). If you were called by B, only pay the cost of the call to C.


By sending an email (please state name and phone number!) from a TUphone appointee to help@it.tuwien.ac.at TU.it will delete the SIM card at A1, it will lose its function and can be disposed of.

Changes of address, changes of account etc. must be reported by email to help@it.tuwien.ac.at . TU.it will then forward the changes to Mobilkom.

By mail to help@it.tuwien.ac.at. TU.it then deactivates the private call disconnection for the phone number.

Yes, a new user can be reported by the TUphone appointee by sending an email to help@it.tuwien.ac.at . TU.it will then update the user name at A1 and deactivate any private call disconnection (unless it is a name change due to a marriage, for example).

Yes, the (actual physical) telephone number of the service mobile phone can be removed from the A1 Network of the TU Wien with the agreement of the TUphone appointee. TU.it will send you a form that entitles you to conclude a separate contract with Mobilkom for this number. The official phone number 0664-60 588 kkkk remains of course at the TU Wien.


Monthly A1 charges directly from the respective organisational unit:

  •     the monthly basic charge
  •     ongoing charges for any additional packages
  •     the call charges for business calls

Tariff overview

The billing of calls abroad depends on whether and which variant of split bill (private calls) has been set up for the SIM card:
No split bill: All calls (active and passive) and SMS count as business calls.
Split Bill: Only calls and SMS abroad that are made or sent with prefix 98 in the A1 partner networks are considered private. All passive international calls (call forwarding abroad) are always charged to the service bill. Calls and SMS on networks that do not support private call separation are always charged to the service bill.
International Split Bill: All calls abroad, whether with prefix 98 or without, are charged via the private bill. All passive international calls (roaming charges) and SMS are charged to the private bill.

No, fees for data services and additional packages are always charged on the official invoice.

The fees for private use are charged monthly directly by Mobilkom to your private address and debited from your private account. A written registration of the separation of private calls with a collection order is required.
A1 Network Additional employee account, opens a file in a new window

A1 Network

No, fees for data services and additional packages are always charged on the official invoice.

No, only TU service mobile phones are possible. Private calls can be charged separately to the user.

The corporate number (business number) of your mobile phone, i.e. 0664/60588kkkk.

The transfer of an existing A1 phone number into the A1 network of the TU is possible.

Private calls and private SMS are identified as such by dialling the prefix 98 followed by the telephone number incl. area code and are billed via the private bill.
Private calls

No, not possible on the A1 Network.

No, not possible on the A1 Network.

Internal: All mobile phones in the A1 network of the TU Wien can be called. This works with their speed dial, their official phone number (664-60588kkkk), and with their actual physical phone number. Furthermore, calls can be made to the TU Wien with the speed dial 90 and the extension or 0158801 and extension.
Austria: allows calls to all Austrian destination numbers (= all with area code 0043). No calls from Austria to abroad are possible.
Worldwide: There are no restrictions with regard to dialable numbers. This profile also allows the use of the mobile phone abroad (roaming), both active and passive.
Passive: does not allow calls, but the mobile phone can be called. This profile can be set by TU.it if the phone is misplaced.


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