Phone numbers, numbering plan

  • Search for the current telephone numbers of employees at the TU Wien using the TISS address book (TU Wien Information Systems & Services)
  • In the new telephone system, the outside line call is made with 0.
  • 0 must also be dialled for emergency numbers, i.e. 01xx must be dialled.
  • New staff at TU Wien will receive a 6-digit extension from a general pool (starting at 74). The TUphone appointee of the structural element (organizational unit) can then change this number to a number (5 or 6 digits) from the free number pool of the structural element (organizational unit) in the TISS, if required. The structural elements (organizational units) are assigned a call number range that is replaced by the 3-digit institute number or, in the case of central structural elements (organizational units), by the 3-digit OU number, whereby the leading zero is replaced by a 4.
  • Phone numbers assigned to functions or rooms should primarily have 6 digits.
  • Input telephones and telephones in lecture halls have a phone number in the form 70ggnn, where gg indicates the building.
  • The voice memory can be reached at 81.
  • The porter's lodges of the buildings are accessible under 400gg, where gg indicates the building.
  • The function numbers xxx00 (Executive Committee), xxx01 (Secretariat) and xxx99 (Fax) are intended for each structural element (each organizational unit).
  • The business mobile phones can be reached under 90kkkk (kkkk=A1 speed dial). However, if you call the TU Wien with the corporate number (0664/60588-kkkk) of the mobile phone, this number is automatically converted to the extension of the person (if assigned). This means that the called party does not notice by means of the number whether the call is being made from a hardphone, softphone or mobile phone.

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