Measures for Changes to the Structural Element

In the event of a reorganization with the granting of an institute number, all telephone charge accounts set up for the institute to be terminated must be changed.
The assignment of the individual extensions to a telephone charge account must be administered in the TISS by a TUphone appointee.

Via TISS, the institutions concerned have access to lists of charge accounts with the assigned extensions for this purpose. Taking into account any existing telephone charge accounts (in the case of an affiliation to an existing institute), a new charge account must be announced for all branches of an abandoned institute. An existing service account can be used, but a new account can also be created if, for example, the new institute is to be continued as a separate work area. The administration of the telephone charge accounts and the assigned extensions in the TISS is carried out by the TUphone appointee(s) of the organizational units.

Since the telephone charges are not debited until 1-2 months after the end of each quarter in the course of the budget-effective activity allocation for a quarter, it may be necessary to debit the telephone charges of the discontinued institute from a cost center of the new institute. Please coordinate with for such complex changes.

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