Extensions: Assignment, holder, profile administrator

For the necessary work steps, validate yourself with the TUaccount password on the page tiss.tuwien.ac.at, opens an external URL in a new window and select TUphone in the left navigation bar!

Extensions are assigned to either persons or organizational units (for function extensions, faxes, and so on).

Only someone who has an entry in an OU under "Persons" in the TISS address book (i.e. generally no students!).

The question of whether an extension is assigned to a person (i.e. this person is the owner of the extension!) is important in two aspects:

  1. during administration/configuration of the extension via TISS --> TUphone (e.g. PIN code and password, call diversion, delivery email address for voice mails and faxes)
    1. If the extension is assigned to a person, TISS configuration is possible using
      1. the person to whom the extension is assigned (=holder)
      2. The TUphone appointee
      3. another profile administrator
    2. If the extension is assigned to an organizational unit, TISS configuration is possible:
      1. TUphone appointees
      2. another profile administrator
  2. when the extension is listed in the TISS address book
    1. if the extension is assigned to that person, it will automatically be displayed in that person's TISS address book and cannot be removed (but additional extensions can be added by the person or the address manager).
Overview of functions and their meaning TUphone

Under the tab Overview all extensions with their owners are listed. If an extension is assigned to a person (requires work center model Basis*), the name of the person is displayed there. For all other extensions, the number of the organizational unit or a room number is displayed here.

Administration TUphone: Screenshot overview of all extensions

If the holder of an extension is to be changed, or if there is a wish to assign an extension that is assigned to a person to the organizational unit (or room), or vice versa, the following steps are necessary:

  • The extension must be deactivated,
  • now the workstation model (F-Basis* for function extensions, Basis* for persons) and the owner can be changed, if necessary,
  • the parameters must be adjusted,
  • the extension must be reactivated.

In the activated state, however, owner changes of function extensions are possible: Organizational unit ? Room (and vice versa), Room ? Room (workstation model is not basis*)

Screenshot: Change extension owner

In the Holder column, in the case of extensions with other holders, there is a . If you position the mouse pointer over this symbol, you will see the other owners of this extension.

Screenshot: Display of further owners

Further owners are modified by clicking on "Group". You will then see the current other owners and can remove them using the minus icon to the right of the name.

Further owners can be added by selecting them in the drop-down menu and clicking on the plus symbol. An extension assigned to the organization can also have further owners.

One person can be the owner of more than one extension. He can also be the owner of an extension and other owners of other extensions.

Screenshot: Modify additional owners

The "Additional profile administrators" are displayed when you click on the Overview tab in the entry for the extension (wheel):

Screenshot: Show more profile administrators

On the Overview tab, click (wheel) on the extension for which an "Additional profile manager" is to be specified or deleted. Then the entry can be made by clicking on (pencil).

Screenshot: Modify additional profile administrators

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