Fee model (tariff overview)

The institutes will be charged the following costs for all calls made from the telecommunications system of the TU Wien:

Division into the following call zones:

Tariff Price in €/minute  
Landline network 0.03 all location-dependent and location-independent (05, 0720) destination numbers and the service line 0810
Business mobile phone 0.01 all calls to the Corporate Number of TU service mobile phones 0664-60 588 xxxx or 90xxxx (xxxx is the speed dial of the mobile phone)
Mobile provider 0.10 all Austrian mobile numbers
0820-Value added numbers 0.15 Calls to 0820 value added numbers
0900-Value added numbers bis 4.00 Calls to allowed numbers. The 0900 numbers are blocked and only released in justified exceptional cases. All 0901 and 093x numbers are generally blocked.
118nn(n) 1.00 Public short numbers for phone enquiry services
1nn free of charge Public short numbers for emergency services (112,122,128,133,140,141,142,144,147)
1nn(n) 0.10 Public short numbers for special services (130,120,123,1484)

Division into four call zones:


Price in €/minute  
International 1 0.10 all neighbouring countries of Austria, all EU countries (except Croatia), as well as Russia, Israel, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong
International 2 0.40 Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Brazil and others 
International 3 0.70 India, Egypt, Georgia, Thailand, Tunisia, Mexico and others
International 4 1.20 Iran, Pakistan, Kuba, Myanmar, Palästina, Vietnam and others

Clocking for all tariffs: 6/6

Number Institution Tariff
0900 128 718 Service Center of STA Travel Austria 0.39 €/min.
0900 340 070 GLS Parcel service 0.88 €/min.
0900 510 300 U.S. Embassy Vienna: Visa Information and Appointments 2.20 €/min.
0900 525 219 British Embassy 2.20 €/min.
0900 676 676 T-Mobile Techline 0.88 €/min.
0900 833 933 American Chamber of Commerce, Info-Line 1.10 €/min.
0900 910 200 Conrad Electronic: Technical support 0.70 €/min.
0900 940 910 A-Trust Service Hotline 1.10 €/min.

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