Management of charge accounts

In the telephone system, all extensions are assigned to so-called telephone charge accounts. The call costs in the telephone system are then billed to these telephone charge accounts. Statistics for each charge account are created monthly for the structural elements (organizational units) and can be called up in the TISS. On a quarterly basis, the costs per charge account are then summarized and debited from the SAP account stored in the charge account via the Quästur.

A default account must also exist for each structural element (organizational unit). This is used for those extensions for which the remuneration account has not yet been defined or whose remuneration account has been blocked.

For structural elements (organizations) with subunits, the remuneration account of the main unit can also be used for the extensions of the subunits.

For the necessary work steps, validate yourself with the TUpassword on the page, opens an external URL in a new window and select TUphone in the left navigation bar!

The Accounts tab provides an overview of the telephone charge accounts of the organizational unit. In the list, you can find all accounts with the number, the name and the SAP account assignment object stored.

The default account is marked with a green check and the status of an account is visible in the Lock (unlock) column (lock symbol). Here you can also lock or unlock an account directly (not possible with the default account).

The Edit button takes you to the screen for changing the parameters of an account. You can create a new account on the bottom of the page.

Screen: Instructions

If a new account (e.g. for a workgroup) is to be created, the following parameters must be specified:

  • The account number is required. It is composed of the first 3 digits of the number of the structural element (organizational unit) followed by 00 and two other digits that can be freely chosen.
  • A valid (that is, postable) SAP account assignment object, that is, a cost center or an internal order of the structural element (organizational unit), must be specified for each account, provided it is not an external organization. The telephone call costs of the extensions assigned to this charge account are debited quarterly from this cost center or internal order.
  • A name of the account can be specified in order to have a better overview (e.g. name of the working group). This name is also used on the statistics or cost report.
  • A more detailed description may be given.
  • Exactly one account of a structural element (organizational unit) must be defined as the standard account. This is used for newly created extensions. If a charge account is blocked, all extensions that were assigned to this charge account are also assigned to the standard account.
  • An account can also be blocked. This means that no call charges will be billed to this account after this time (previous calls remain on it!). The standard account cannot be blocked.
Screen: Instructions

Via the edit button in the overview, the mask for changing the data of a telephone charge account can be called up. The parameters are essentially the same as when creating a new account. Note that when an account is locked, all extensions that were assigned to this account are automatically assigned to the default account of the structural element (organizational unit).

Please note that changes, such as the SAP account assignment object, also affect all cost notifications or debits that have not yet been created via the Quästur. If there are special time constraints here, please contact us to discuss the procedure.

You can also define an exception address for the charge account. This address is used on the monthly statistics and quarterly cost reports in the address. However, since the statistics and cost reports are only provided electronically via TISS and are not sent, this only makes sense for external organizations that receive the invoice at this address.

Screen: Instructions

If a telephone charge account is to be closed, there are a number of boundary conditions (everything has already been billed, how long should the statistics and cost reports still be able to be viewed). The easiest way is to block the charge account.

If you really want to delete a telephone charge account, please contact us via mail at

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