Integration of mail domains, relocation to upTUdate

Integration of mail domains, relocation to upTUdate

Maildomains can be integrated into the upTUdate service at any time - even if the domain is only to be taken over in part. Existing addresses can be kept.
If you are interested, please send an email to

Maildomains, which contain not only TU employees but also persons from outside the TU

Mail domains that contain TU employees as well as TU outsiders can be administered via our mail routing list server.

After the setup/transfer of such a domain <musterdomain>.at to our list server, authorized administrators can add new entries themselves or make changes or deletions.

For each entry, simply enter <user>@<musterdomain>.at as the forwarding destination for each email address, e.g. for TU employees <user> or for external TU employees <user>@<external company>.at.

To set up or transfer such a mail domain, please contact by email.
Administration of such a mail domain via:


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