TU Wien Secure Email Webmail-Service

If the recipient in an encrypted email has neither an S/MIME certificate nor a PGP certificate (another encryption method), the email can only be retrieved via the TU Wien Secure Email Gateway Webmail over an encrypted HTTPS connection.

After registering at the TU Wien Secure Email Webmail Gateway with the initial password from the registration email (see Email Notifications ), the recipients can choose a password of their own choice for secure use and use this service until they are able to participate in the communication directly (i.e. without webmail service) with S/MIME or PGP certificate.

The current implementation exclusively concerns the users of upTUdate:

  • Protected content can be automatically backed up
  • The individual communication partners do not have to worry about the administration of keys and certificates themselves

A webmail service is offered for communication partners who do not have personal S/MIME or PGP certificates.


TU Wien Secure Email Webmail-Service

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