Switch from S/MIME to Gateway Encryption

If you are already using an S/MIME certificate for client-side encryption and want to switch to gateway-based encryption, please note the following points:

Important: The gateway option can only be used after all S/MIME certificates have expired (even if they are no longer active via "Revoke").

  • Normal activation via "Activate gateway".
  • The existing key is not imported, but new certificates are requested.
  • Keep the existing certificate. External parties do not yet know your new (Gateway) certificate and may still send encrypted with the old certificate. They also need it to be able to read old (encrypted) emails.

Change from local client S/MIME certificates to TU Wien Secure Email Gateway

The change from local S/MIME certificates to the TU Wien Secure Email Gateway based encryption is done in the following steps:

Deactivation of the local S/MIME certificates in the email client

1. To deactivate the local S/MIME certificates in Outlook please open the tab File and go to Options

Outlook Options

2. Switch to the menu item "Trust Center" and press the button "Settings for the Trust Center

Outlook Trust Center

3. Select the menu item "E-Mail Security

Outlook Email Security

4. Remove the first two check marks under the section "Encrypted email messages"

5. Confirm with OK

1. Open "Account Settings" in Thunderbird and select "S/MIME Security" in the corresponding email account

Thunderbird S/MIME Security

2. Under the option Encryption set a check mark to "never".

3. Confirm with OK

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