Retired persons

Mail forwarding via the generic mail addresses for retired persons or those without an active employment relationship and "Other employees" whose membership has been cancelled by the responsible address manager remains valid for a period of 5 years (provided the forwarding address remains valid). Even if the respective person is no longer visible in the address book of the TU Wien.

However, this does not apply (as long as) to the forwarding destinations if it is an upTUdate mailbox.
Such a mailbox is only active 2 months after termination of an employment relationship. If necessary, the respective structural element (organizational unit) or its address manager must reactivate the respective person as "Further employee" after leaving the company, which also extends the life of the account.

Changes to the forwarding address(es) for former personnel or former additional employees are possible during this period using a special access, opens an external URL in a new window:

  • Via Portal log in to the TU intranet with the TUaccount password, then go to Account Management and to Other Settings and here in the sidebar to My Functions.
  • In the sidebar, select either Mail Alias Students/Alumni or Mail Delivery Address. The latter item only appears if you are no longer active, i.e. no longer appearing in the TISS address book!

Otherwise, it is still possible to contact the responsible address manager to have the changes made (he should have received a corresponding link to the entry with the person's departure from the staff by email!). After this period, the entry is either completely deleted (automatically) or can be reactivated in the meantime (on the same or a different structural element).

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