Functional Accounts

Functional account with assigned upTUdate permission group and assigned TISS mailing list

Functional accounts (e.g. Ennn.specialfunction) are used to display functions independently of individual persons.
The participants of an upTUdate authorization group announced by have access to such an account by means of their own (upTUdate) user name/password combination. You can also send emails from a functional account.

Tabelle Kurzformen
Darstellung von funktionalen Accounts

Properties of Functional Accounts

  •     has its own mailbox
  •     emails are stored once in the mailbox of the functional account
  •     sent emails can be found in the "Sent" folder of the functional account

Such an account can be set up by an address manager as follows (using the example of a fictitious functional account 'specialfunction'):

  • If your desired mailing list has an address of the form (*), create a mailing list with the name specialfunction in TISS first. But first register yourself as the owner and leave the mail delivery address empty.
  • Create an upTUdate authorization group Ennn.specialfunction.user as the address manager of the structural element (the organizational unit) Ennn, whose participants should be authorized to use this account!
  • Send an email to and enter the name of the functional account (Ennn.specialfunction) as well as the name of the TISS mailing list (specialfunction) created previously and the upTUdate authorization group (Ennn.specialfunction.user) created previously. If mails are also to be sent from this function mailbox, please also specify at the same time that we set the address of the TISS mailing list specialfunction as the sender address.
  • As soon as you have received a message from that your functional account Ennn.specialfunction has been created, you can add specialfunction to your TISS mailing list as a mail delivery address
  • Now your functional account Ennn.specialfunction (worldwide) can be reached via the email address (not!

(*) If the desired address has the form, please choose an alternative procedure or contact


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