Features in detail

  •  Receiving and sending emails with a variety of email programs (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, ...).
  •  Standard size 20 GB per mailbox
  •  Max. 50 MB per email (ACOnet offers the service 'Filesender' for the transfer of larger data)
  •  Synchronization with mobile devices (e.g. with smartphones, but not with the "Outlook for iOS and Android" app).
  •  Access to your mailbox via Outlook Web Interface (OWA - Outlook Web App)
  •  Integration of the TU-wide address book into a variety of mail programs.
  •  Calendar release and mail distribution for groups:
    •  Structure element group (organization groups) (consist of all members of a structure element, including "additional employees")
    •  upTUdate authorization groups (can also be formed by address managers across institutes!)
  •  Functional accounts (e.g. E020.secretariat)
  •  Import of Austrian public holidays or days off from teaching events or work
  •  Public folder for accessing common information about your structural element (organizational unit).
  •  Transfer of existing addresses.
  •  Integration in mail domains

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