Change of Name

In the case of name changes, such as by marriage, or name corrections of any kind, which are made known through the Personnel Administration or Study Department, for example, or the direct change of the name for a "Further Employee", the email addresses will become invalid when the new name becomes active (except for unique generic address, see checklist below). At the moment, however, this only applies to those sub-variants of generic addresses for individuals who were active at the TU before April 2009 and in addition to the existing unique generic address - ie the old generic addresses).
If old email addresses are to be retained for a transitional period, then please contact ( in sufficient time.

A checklist for name changes:

  • Locate the previously used generic address forms (e.g. printed on business cards, published in journals etc. used as the sender address in webmail or in the mail program) to assess which of them are important to obtain.
  • Notification of the name change to the Personnel Administration - in the case of new generic addresses, which have been unique since April 2009, the old address will be retained until you request this is devoid by a change of address form . Only then is the updated (new name supplied by Personnel Administration) adopted (and displayed in the TISS address book). In other words, you can determine the time when the old address becomes inactive and the new one becomes active.
  • If you require the old and new address to operate concurrently, please report this to via the above email contact (to ensure a seamless transition). You must specify which old addresses and for how long these should continue (usually: 1 year).
  • Option: Block the old address, which points to a web link in the TISS address book, so that senders are able to transfer the new address from the address book of the Vienna University of Technology.
  • Note: An automatic response from the old address specifying the new address is not recommended because this invites spammers.
  • Specify the new sender address in the mail program and other mail applications (Webmail).
  • Change address to forwarding, registrations, newsletters, feature mailing lists, etc.
  • Notification of your core contact group by explicit reference to the change of address.
  • Temporary reference e.g. in the mail signature or as PS at the end of each outgoing mail using your mail program.

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