Addresses of the upTUdate mail account

What is the address of my upTUdate email account?

If you are new at the TU and no delivery address is entered in your TISS address book, your upTUdate mailbox will automatically be activated for you, and your delivery address ( will automatically be entered in your TISS address book entry.
You can therefore be reached at your generic address (see Generic address vs. Delivery address), usually first

If your upTUdate email account should not only be reachable via your generic address, but also via an email address of your structural element (your organizational unit), e.g., please contact by email. If necessary, the Service Center will take further steps in coordination with the email administrator of your structural element and, of course, with you yourself.

If you are not new at the TU and have used another email account, e.g. on an institute email server, but would now like to receive all your emails via your activated upTUdate mailbox, please change your delivery address to in your TISS address book entry. Please ask the email administrator of your structural element to set up a forwarding of your previous delivery address, e.g., to the new delivery address, i.e.

Please note that the email address cannot be reached from outside the TU Wien and should therefore not be forwarded!

What address can I use to send my emails?

By default, you send your emails with your generic address as sender address, usually first

However, the Service Center can also set up an "institute address" for you, e.g., either as the sole or additional sender address.
To do this, please contact by email.

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